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Roselle Desserts

Corktown | Bakery

362 King Street East
Toronto, ON
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Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Unwind with the special treats courtesy of Stephanie Duong and Bruce Lee, owners of Roselle Desserts located in the heart of Corktown.
It's Saturday morning and we’ve barely made it out of bed. But the first stop on a lazy day off is Roselle Desserts — Corktown's gift from sweet tooth heaven. Both of us prefer a savoury pastry rather than sweet one but by now, they’ve surely got us hooked. Their sweet, sugared aroma may remind you of your grandmother's house or that Parisian bakery that's saved to your girlfriends’ Pinterest board. Roselle isn’t a huge money buster but it still costs a pretty penny to explore your choices. By this point we’ve mastered our favourites from the menu: two cappuccino’s and a Banana Cream Éclair ($7). Then begins the sweet treat mix and match. On Saturday we chose the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie ($2.50) and the Audrey Hepburn Brownie ($3). Everything is made in-house prepared using high-quality and, when possible, locally sourced ingredients. Roselle Desserts on There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee — Roselle prepares their cappuccino’s beautifully, a full head of microfoam blended into a thick crema. It truly is hard to make a perfect coffee for two stubborn coffee snobs (they offer tea from Pluck as well). When it comes to a chocolate chip cookie, c'mon, it’s hard to really mess up! But we know just as well as you do, that the perfect cookie is rare. Whether it was our grandmas', the local bakery or our own recipes, we have all had our perfect cookie. With crispy edges and a soft and gooey inside, Roselle has mastered the ideal cookie texture. Topped with a touch of sea salt, the cookie offered up a lot of it’s own flavour and paired nicely with the cappuccino. Roselle Desserts on The Audrey Hepburn brownie had us at awe before we even had a bite. perfectly cut squares with a swirl of chocolate mousse, topped with 24k gold flakes. Once you have a bite the chocolate instantly hits your palette with the balanced sweetness and creamy texture. Paired with the gold, I would say it was a rap party in my mouth. Roselle Desserts on We saved the best for last: Banana Cream Éclair. If you look up Roselle on Google, photos of this puffy sweet banana heaven are painted everywhere. One of their signature desserts, and for obvious reasons. Hits all the needs for the perfect pastry. In this Éclair specifically, you can really get a feel of all the international flavours the owners have mastered over the years. The first bite is cold and creamy. Our palates start racing from the natural sweetness of the banana and vanilla bean filling. The flavour from such a small amount of banana is amazing, and they use real bananas, deglazed with rum and flambéed. Roselle Desserts on

Our favourite

We said we saved the best for last and we didn’t lie! The Banana Cream Éclair is what has us raving to our friends, keeps us returning on a weekly basis (Stephanie, Bruce and their team are also extremely homey yet elegant) and is by far our favourite pastry they have to offer.

Don't forget, dessert makes you happy!

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